Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Big KBs, Budokon and Yoga...A perfect blend

Great workout today with my good friend Tim Dymmel. He is a heck of an athlete and one strong cat which is cool because it pushes me to push myself and it is awesome to have that extra kick in the pants. He teased me about my ever changing plans and truth be told I am working out the details.

I have goals on a couple levels and the most important is to continue to learn, and master what I know and add new things in. In addition to myself, I am always working on bringing more to the table for my clients that compliments, adds to, and makes them improve as well. My business is fitness and so is my personal passion and being a seeker and a thinker/feeler I this adds up to a potent combo.

Kettlebells (40 minutes)
Clean and Press (1kb)

Started a bit slow and did not feel the strength but once set 3 hit I was ready and that bell felt like it EXPLODED out of my hand, off my shoulder. Very pleased, but need more practice.

Thrusters (Squat Press) 1kb

This was a first for me and I dig it. Since I am not squatting with Rif I want to make sure to keep this as part of my protocol, the squat that is and adding in more presses with the 40 is a great thing. I was ass to the grass and a powerful press to boot.

2 hand Swing

tabata (5 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 rest)

I mentioned to Tim that swings are not my best move and I want to work them more. I was short on time and decided to get the reps in to push myself with an abbreviated Tabata workout. This was good but tough, I could not feel my glutes they were so on fire and numb. The best part is my low back cooperated which is a good sign that my hips, core and hammies were doing the job. Really feel good that I added these in.

BW: 10x3

WORKOUT 2----Afternoon
Budokon (25 minutes)

WORKOUT 3----Night
30 minutes of yoga

Great day of balance across the board. Good client load today and spaced well enough that I can get all this in and not fry myself, the key

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Joe said...

My plans seem to be ever changing too. As my mentor in strength tells me "meander towards greatness."